Trendy Bible Posters, Cards and Desktop Wallpaper

Posters: The poster files are available in small, medium, and large (xlarge is  no longer available at this time). Put your own favorite verse or poem on any of these posters by using an art program, with a white block under your message. Can be used as clip art.

Desktop Wallpaper: The wallpaper files are available in 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1400 x 1050 and wide 1680 x 1050. Can be used as clip art.

Schoolmaster, Shining Dawn, Priceless Pearl, Heart Felt, Kings Crown, Think Michael (like God), Universal DNA and Reason.

His Name Posters

Schoolmaster Posters

Schoolmaster Wallpaper

Shinning Dawn Posters

Shinning Dawn Wallpaper


Think Posters

Think Wallpaper

Priceless Pearl Posters

Priceless Pearl Wallpaper


Kings Crown Posters

Kings Crown Wallpapers


Universal DNA Posters

Universal DNA Wallpaper


Reason Posters

Reason Wallpaper

Bible Assist Software coming soon.

Christian denominations reference the King James Bible from the year 1611, or the corrected versions thereafter.

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Trendy Bible Software small clip art and posters are copyrighted but released as royalty free and can be used for personal, business and ministry works without any further approval from Wayne McMahan / Trendy Bible.

Restrictions: do not use for clip art bundling, redistribution, clip art banking or clip art resell.




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